Hair Color Confusion? Let’s Decode the Trends Together!

I got an email that said “Help, I don’t know what the name of the hair color I want is!”

What the heck is Lived-in color, is it different from cowboy copper? Do we like old money brunettes or would we rather be a new money blonde? Do I need a partial highlight, a full balayage, or root smudge?

Oof, there are so many titles and trends to choose from! But what I hope you know is that you do not have to be an expert in any of these techniques or trends. I want you to trust that we will figure out what you want your hair to look like together, and we can call it whatever you want.

But Kate, how do I choose between balayage and foilyage? 

What I think is important for all salon clients to know is that both of those words are application techniques that we use to color hair, it is not a description of the way your hair looks when it is finished. There are so many factors that go into how I choose to approach your hair color. Such as; your natural color, the amount of previous hair color on your hair, the health of your hair, what final tone you are looking for. Literally so many variables! Instead of relying on catchy color names, let’s look at pictures together of what you like, what your goals are. We should even look at a few things you don’t like, that helps a lot too. 

But don’t sweat a thing, because your hair color will be customized 100% for you and I will usually use a combination of techniques when coloring your hair. That is exactly why I labeled Gold Rush’s most popular services as a “Partial Lightning” or a “Full Lightning.” I intentionally kept the descriptions for each service simple too.

Do you want to maintain the amount of brightness you have, just feel refreshed? That’s a Partial Lightning. 

Do you want to be brighter all over and throughout? That’s a Full Lightning. 

I know most of you are busy women, moms, all around baddies. I hope I streamlined the service offerings so you don’t have to stress when reading through service descriptions and end up more confused about what to choose. Always feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you come up with a cute name for your haircolor. Who knows? It could go viral.

Take good care this week!