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After your initial service, you will be able to select your follow up appointments from my returning guests a la carte menu. For my lived-in color guests who are able to go more than 5 months between salon visits, I will ask you to again choose a New Guest Package so we have more time to reconnect and revamp your hair.

Please consider choosing a longer time block if you have extra long or extra thick hair, or you're looking for a major change. The more time selected, the more impact we can achieve!

During your first visit we need more time together, to get acquainted and to have an in depth consultation. It also ensures we have the proper amount of time to create the looks you see on my page. 

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As a new guest I ask you to choose a package for your first service.


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Click here to learn more about the extensions services I offer. Prices vary and a consultation is required before booking.

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Investment $125

I exclusively offer chin length and below haircuts. Included with each new guest haircut is a deep conditioning or shine enhancing treatment and a full blow out & style.

Just the Cut

Investment: $315-445

This is the package for the ladies that are sick of the gray hairs AND want dimension.
By utilizing a combination of root color to blend away those darn grays and adding in pops of contrast, you will have a totally customized color that feels super fresh.

This modern color service includes a base color and high/lowlights with a gloss, bond builder, a haircut or deep conditioning treatment with a full blow out & style.

Gold Fever

Investment: $315-405

This is the most requested package for first time guests.

 It is a step up from the Pure Gold package. With more time allotted it is ideal for guests that want to add an extra punch to their existing hair color, or for the gals with extra long or thick hair. This is the right choice for you if you want your hair to look significantly different after 1 service.
This modern full lightning service includes a gloss, bond builders, a haircut or deep conditioning treatment with a full blow out & style.

Gold Standard

Investment: $225-355

This package is ideal if you already have some lightness and you want to refresh or brighten/blend/tweak your existing color.

It is a great place to start when you want subtle, natural looking color or if you want to be ever so cautious with the health of your hair.
This modern partial lightning service includes a gloss, bond builder, a haircut or deep conditioning treatment with a full blow out & style.

Pure Gold

new guest services

Hand-tied hair extensions need to be moved up every 8-10 weeks depending on your hair type.

How often do hand-tied hair extensions need to be moved up, or maintained?

100% human remy hair that is ethically sourced.

What kind of extension hair is used?

Hand-tied refers to the method in which the hair is attached to the weft. The hair is sewn onto the weft by hand which gives the flattest possible result. Hand-tied wefts are the most comfortable and least detectable because they lay the flattest against the head.

What is hand-tied hair?

The ideal candidate for IBE extensions should have, at least shoulder-length hair. Texture and density are evaluated during your consultation to determine how many rows are needed to achieve the desired result.

Who is a good candidate for hand-tied hair extensions?

No! They are fantastic to add fullness too while maintaining the same length of your natural hair.

Are hair extensions just for length?

Yes! You can put your hair up in the highest ponytail if you want to without your extensions being exposed. Braids, half-up, straight, and curly styles are also great options with these extensions.

Can I put my hair up with hand-tied hair extensions?

Yes, you can swim and do any kind of activity with hand-tied extensions. It is recommended to wear your hair in a tight braid or bun while swimming to prevent tangling. You will receive full care instructions and the products to get you started at your installation appointment.

Can I go swimming and workout with hand-tied hair extensions?

This is a tricky question, because it depends on several factors, but in general most first-time clients can expect to invest $1,200 to $2,800 to get started with hand tied extensions. 

This investment covers only the best hand-tied extension hair, seamless color of the extensions, the installation of hand-tied extensions, cut, style, photos, and education on how to care for your extensions. Coloring your natural hair will be an additional investment. 

Once the hair is purchased, you will move into row maintenance pricing. For more detailed pricing info, please schedule an extension consultation.

What do hand-tied hair extensions cost?

Returning clients can expect to re-tighten their rows every 6-10 weeks depending on your hair texture. Maintenance/tightening appointments are priced per row.

1 Row maintenance $200
2 Row maintenance $350

*Refreshing your extension color and updating your natural hair coloring during your extension maintenance appointments are an additional investment and are priced separately.

What do hand-tied hair extensions cost to maintain?

You will need to replace extension hair every 6-12 months with new hair. Some guests choose to replace their hair sooner than later. So much of the longevity depends on how to take care of the hair and the products you use to maintain it. The hair can be replaced piece by piece, there is no need to replace all of the hair at once. This comes with an additional investment at the time of purchase.

How often do I need to replace my hair extensions?


“I LOVE my new hair! Everything looks so natural, the extensions feel great and give me tons of confidence. Plus, I can play around with hair styles and accessories that I couldn’t before!”

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