7 Things to know for your appointment so you can be the most comfortable

This list should provide you with tips on how to make the most of your hair appointment. Let’s cover what you should bring and what’s best left at home.


1. Reference Photos. 

Help me see what you see. Pictures are the quickest way for me to know what you love or don’t love. Pinterest, Instagram, or your camera roll from years ago when you had those wonky layers that you DO NOT want again! Bringing images of your desired hairstyle helps me understand your vision accurately. It’s a fantastic way for us to kick off the consultation. If you are a new guest to Gold Rush I will ask you to collect reference photos ahead of your first visit. We also have some extra time built into the new guest packages, to really spend time getting down to the nitty gritty of your hair goals.

2. Laptop and Chargers

I know you are a multitasking mama, it’s what I admire about you. Have no hesitation, if you need to work while getting your hair done I am totally cool with it! Feel free to bring all your devices to stay connected. And if total relaxation is your plan… Leave it all at home! Read a book, close your eyes, scroll, or chat with me.. the point is whatever your heart desires is perfect. 

3. Food and Drinks 

We have sips and snacks for you to enjoy but if you need a full meal after running around all day, bring it on in. If you didn’t have time to stop, let’s DoorDash you something! 

4. Anything else

Pretty much anything else that will make your salon experience better.. keep in mind that we are in a small space but I am super chill and can work around pretty much everything. If you’re not sure, send me an email or text, I’ll be quick to respond.


1. Bulky Outerwear. 

While I want you to feel cozy, bulky sweaters, hoodies and turtlenecks can be challenging. I can not cut a straight line with a lumpy hood under your cape and it’s almost guaranteed it will get wet at the shampoo bowl. Opt for lighter layers that can easily be taken on or off which will help with your comfort and temperature regulation. I would also strongly recommend skipping white clothes and your very favorite clothing items. While I try to be the cleanest around, the fact is.. it’s a hair salon where color can go flying! 

2. Worrying about how you show up. 

Come as you are. Don’t worry about the last time you washed your hair, it’s all good. Don’t worry about being in work out clothes, it’s Boulder! Don’t think twice about having passionate feelings about an issue, I’m not sensitive and enjoy learning about how you feel. 

3. Valuables.

While I take every precaution to ensure a safe environment, it’s best to leave valuable items like jewelry or expensive things at home. I have dug around in shampoo bowl drains a few times for earrings, and I promise you it’s not fun and really pretty gross. For both of our pieces of minds, special jewelry should probably stay home. 

I want your experience to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. By packing the essentials and leaving the rest behind, you can help me tailor your salon experience to be perfect for you, so you can leave feeling fabulous!

Let’s make every day a great hair day, shall we?