And just short of a million other things!

Cold, right out of the fridge!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Healthy, shiny hair

Interior Design

My husband & son

Favorite Things

Before opening my salon, I observed what worked and what didn’t in a salon environment. I have taken all that cumulative knowledge and years of service and poured it into the experience at Gold Rush. 

I was born in BOCO, raised in San Diego, and have been back in Boulder since 2017. By 19 years old I began what would become a lifelong career in the beauty space. My time behind the chair has spanned 20+ years and I’ve styled hair coast to coast.

Vibes are important around here.
 When all 5 senses are tapped, it has a grounding effect.

 Gold Rush has an abundance of natural light, soft lounge music playing, sips and sweets to enjoy, as well as a lavender scented hot towel for after your scalp massage.

come as you are

I am obsessed with design, primarily interiors and I am a total do-it-yourselfer! I have created all the string art in the salon.

I made it through the 2000s as a hairstylist, so I can make it through any trend.

I have an inquisitive mind. I enjoy spending time learning a little bit about a lot of things.

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