I respect you and your hair, I will always work with the highest quality products and offer you the most modern hair services in a comfortable, down to earth setting.

I’ve heard many times it can be intimidating to walk into a salon, so I try very hard to make people feel safe and heard. I can assure you I will be consistent each visit and I will stay on time so you can truly relax.

I offer a variety of sips and snacks, beautiful coffee table books to flip through and if you need to do a little work, there is a countertop desk. I also gladly offer silent services if you need to go inward and have quiet.

I have a passion for excellence and I hold myself to a high standard, I continue to work everyday to grow my communication skills. EVERYONE is safe in my space and may feel free to be themselves, no exceptions.

I pride myself on being consistent each and every visit and I vow to respect your time and work efficiently through your service.

This is your time to relax and recharge, come as you are and get comfy.

I will make sure all of your future appointments feel just as special as your first. I will always be excited to see you and welcome you back with a smile.

I believe it is all in the details!

What is the secret to an outstanding experience?

I will ask you some questions about your hair to best serve you. Things like.. how you style it, what products you like to use, how much time you have to invest daily, etc.

Together we will look at any inspiration photos that you have, then I will work out a plan to make your hair look & feel beautiful.

When you arrive at the salon, we will take some time to get to know each other and talk about your hair. 

Learning about You & your hair

I will be notified as soon as you schedule your appointment. I’ll take a look at your service selection and reach out personally through text to welcome you. Included will be a link to more details about your appointment.

I know there are a lot of talented stylists out there, I am so excited you chose me! I am looking forward to taking care of you & your hair.

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